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The stresses of life and being a college student are overwhelming, I feel your pain. The struggle is real.

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Photo Credit: Alex Nero

this is just beautiful


Photo Credit: Alex Nero

this is just beautiful

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Typical college semester


Syllabus week:


The rest of the semester:


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A letter to the people of the universe

Stop it.

You’re enough, so just stop it.

Are we the only creatures that try to be something else?

As far as I know we are. 

I only see humans acting like who or what they are not. Trying to be something or someone else. 

Do apples try to be oranges? Or oranges, peaches?

Do zebras try to be horses?

Or what about dolphins and sharks?

No. However those comparisons are all so similar. But somehow they still stick to being themselves. Doing their own thing. 

Kind of like us. Humans. 

We’re all similar. But yet so many of us try to be a different type of human. But that doesn’t work, don’t you see?

Imagine if everything, every creature, was trying to be what it isn’t…What a confusing world it would be.

I want you to be you. And just you. Don’t be your favorite celebrity or who you think everyone else wants you to be. I don’t want you to be what your parents want you to be. Or who your mind tells you you should be when you look in the mirror. 

I want you to be you. Because once you become someone else, we get confused. And then we can’t see you. We become blind to who you actually are. And you’re the only one who is actually you.

That’s pretty cool isn’t it?

So, just let us see you, ok?


<3 always,


I’m Teaching Theater Camp

I’m teaching theater camp. To 19 children under the age of 10, over the age of 2. It’s somewhat insane. I’ll just say that. And yes, I love to spread the passion of the very thing I love, BUT 19 kids are a lot to handle. Especially when for some reason they don’t know how to listen well enough to sit in one straight line for 10 minutes. 

I mean, overall it’s okay. They’re learning. I’m learning. It’s pretty cool really. I’m about to head there now and I just thought I’d give you a taste of the novel I’ll be writing about it later. Because, yes, enough happens in a week long theater camp to write forever about it. 

Words to live by as a performer.

Words to live by as a performer.

Grocery Shopping in NYC

Ahhh!! Never have I been so overwhelmed by food ever before in my life! I tried the grocery store thing yesterday (because the only food that I brought with me was my oatmeal) and I made the bad mistake of going hungry. 

Ready to buy things, I was taken aback that everything was so expensive! It took me an hour to buy applesauce, rice milk, chickpeas, and frozen spinach. When I got home I decided that I needed to figure things out. Through research, this is what I have found out: 

Shopping As A Poor Person Who Likes To Eat Well In NYC

1.) Make a list of yummy foods that you would like to cook with 
2.) Go to to plug those ingredients in and pick out recipes

3.) Go to to get good coupons

4.) Bring re-usuable bags, using them will get you a discount

5.) Buy products at Trader Joes. This is the cheapest grocery store in the city. Make sure that all produce bought is in season because that will be the cheapest. 

6.) Get back home and enjoy! 

I plan on going to the grocery store today after yoga, I will let you know if this works! 

NYC Part 1 (Of Many To Come) Keila

Hey everyone! Keila Here, 

WHAT a few days it has been. I am ex-hausted. But I love it. I love every minute of it. Currently I am eating breakfast (oatmeal with rice milk and applesauce) listening to Three Part Invention, and writing to you lovely people. 

I got into my beautiful little apartment very late Sunday night. My dad and I went out to a gorgeous dinner in Hell’s Kitchen, then me- being who I am- decided that I had to stay up late and unpack. 

Last minute adventures happened the next day as we rushed to buy a subway ticket, an umbrella, eat breakfast (at another great diner called The Flame Diner), and go to my first day of work! My dad wanted to drive me, so I made it just in time to give him a quick kiss and run into the elevator. 

The first day on the job went really well. I met the other interns, got oriented, and then got box seats at The Met Opera to see the dress rehearsal of ABT’s Sleeping Beauty. I was dying. Box seats?!? Everything was absolutely incredible. The cherry wood walls complimented by the geometric and spiky crystal chandeliers, all encompassed by the booming atmosphere of the theatre. It was so interesting to see a rehearsal because the director would be giving notes on the godmike, and the run would be stopped to fix the lighting and set. We got to see the stage manager come running onstage through the curtain to fix things, and then after giving a beautiful performance, the dancers would just walk off the stage. 

My favorite part was listening to the orchestra warm up. It gives me chills to hear a live orchestra perform like that. Sometimes the dancers would walk up to them and ask for their music to be taken a little slower or faster, always followed by a please and thank you. It was a reminder that these people are adults who do this for a living and that if I keep working hard, I might be able to be one of them one day. 

My first successful NYC self made dinner!

My first successful NYC self made dinner!

Box seats at The Met Opera to see a dress rehearsal of ABT’s Sleeping Beauty